Cryptobreakdown Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership with, an Indicator platform
which specialises in Sentiment Analysis. Currently Cryptobreakdown supports 5 major
cryptocurrencies and has a useful twitter bot (@CryptoSentinews)

How is Senderon involved?

Senderon will be providing funding for servers and new tools while providing input and
support on the future endeavors of the project, in return the Senderon project will receive
10% of any future monetisation opportunities in the project.

Current features and the uses of sentiment analysis

1 - Sentiment Analysis Model

Cryptobreakdown sources data from a range of forums and subreddits and use it to
determine the current outlook on each of its supported markets. It’s then used to track
and chart the “Sentiment” by producing a positive or negative number depending on
whether traders view the cryptocurrency in a positive or negative way. The means to do
so is using a proven sentiment analysis model for social networks type of text, which was
enhanced further to deal with the crypto world.

2 - Data production on findings

Cryptobreakdown produces results via the mediums of the twitter bot and data tables
on the website. The tables track the 1hr & 24h price and sentiment value changes to
help give clarity and perspective on the results.

3 - Support for 5 Major cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Neo are all currently supported by the tool with
more to be added soon.


Developing new features

The goal with Cryptobreakdown is to develop the platform into a suite of indicator and
analysis tools for all major cryptocurrency markets. We will be perfecting our sentiment
analysis tools and branching into other types to compete with other similar projects.
These are some of the main tools we will look to build over the next few months:

    I.  daily price & sentiment range
    II. trading volumes
    III. peak sentiment / price per 1h/24h/7d
    IV. macd metrics (and other indicators)
There will also be work on fine tuning the bot messages and relevant trend detection by
adding notifications for significant sentiment changes and the development of parametres
to reduce potential irrelevant tweets and manipulation of the tool.

Develop of API

API development will begin within the next few months to allow the integration of our
Sentiment data into other applications or users setup.


Adsense will be added to the website and then once a userbase has been built, premium
features will be enabled. This may include things like the MACD metric and adding more
detailed timeframes such as 30m changes. These will be finalised nearer the time and the
community will be asked for feedback too.

At this point Memberships and accounts will need to be developed to accommodate for new
and premium members.

Adding support for more markets

Meanwhile we will be looking to add new markets to analyse, primarily focusing on major
large cap altcoins. Senderon itself currently isn’t compatible for Sentiment tools, mostly due to
being a new coin and infrequent posts and comments on it but it will be added as soon as its
deemed suitable and will be included in some of the other metrics too.

Developing Sentiment Analysis V2

Once all above tasks have been completed, work will begin on taking our sentiment analysis to
the next level to include things such as news/press releases and to potentially to include opinions
on social networks such as twitter.

Links and contacts

Homepage  with sentiment, price data and charts:
twitter bot with news & automatic trend notifications:
Contact: via twitter or
Senderon development team: