What is CryptoMercado?

CryptoMercado is an Android App store which will allow payments for apps via cryptocurrency. 
Initially this will be Bitcoin, Ethereum and Senderon but other options will be considered in the
future. There will be a wide range of applications with an emphasis on promoting cryptocurrency
related apps.

How will it benefit users?

CryptoMercado will allow for users to pay for apps with cryptocurrencys and remove the risk of
adding bank accounts to thier phones and/or app store. Free apps are also avaliable on the store
and we do not store consumer data (aside from email and password) which helps diversify your
digital profile.

Cryptocurrency apps will also be given more visibility on the marketplace and will hopefully bring
more exposure to cryptocurrency as we will be targeting a wider audience outside of the community

Development overview

Web Version 1 - 2-3 weeks

This will be the basic version of the app store and will allow the community to test and use
downloaded applications.

Android App - 3-4 weeks

This will allow easy access via mobile to the app store and mark the official launch of CryptoMercado.

Optimising cryptocurrency apps exposure - 5-6 weeks

We will be analysing and taking feedback on ways to improve the exposure of cryptocurrency
apps on the marketplace and implementing them. 

Cryptocurrency Payment gateway enabled - 6-10 weeks

This will allow the purchasing of paid apps with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Senderon. This will work
by purchasing Apps on behalf of the user in return for a payment in the cryptocurrency equivalent. 
There will also be a slightly discounted rate for purchasing in Senderon

IOS store - 10-13 weeks

IOS apps will be added to the market, doubling the audience who can use and enjoy CryptoMercado.

Cost of Development

CryptoMercado will cost senderon about $5000 to roll out the initial roadmap. Due to lack of exchanges
and trading activity (when arranging this deal), we were unable to offer SDRN tokens as part of the payment
and all costs will be paid for out of the developers pocket. 250,000 SDRN have been earmarked from
the development fund at a rate of 100 satoshis to be released to the SDRN team after completion of the
roadmap as compensation


Website: $250
Android App: $750
IOS App: $1000
Graphics: $200
Payment Gateway: $1800
Infrastructure support: $500
Promotional activities: $500

Monetization Opportunities

When an app is purchased, there is a small 1% fee which goes to CryptoMercado. We will also be storing
the cryptocurrency generated in the hope that its value rises. Once the site is functional, it requires very
little maintenance to operate. 50% of any revenue generated will go to the Senderon Development Fund.