Senderon Projects

Below you can see an up to date list of current projects created or supported by the Senderon team. Don't forget to check them out and explore.



Leka is an upcoming communications application for android which integrates cryptocurrency into the chat arena with the ability to send SMS' with cryptocurrency and to send money around the globe, near instantly.

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PROBR is an ICO dilligence platform which focuses on providing pragmatic reviews on upcoming ICO's to decrease investors exposure to risk. This method doesn't remove risk entirely but it does encourage individuals to do serious research before investing into ICO's

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Cryptobreakdown is market sentiment analysis tool which provides hourly data on 5 major cryptocurrency markets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP & NEO. Our partnership focuses on developing and building new tools to create a supersuite of analysis tools.

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CryptoMercado is an android app store allowing the downloading of free apps and paid apps via cryptocurrency. This allows for more anonymous purchases and reduces the risk of having debit cards attached to accounts.

Coming Soon

Senderon Escrow

Senderon Escrow is an automatic escrow platform which acts as a middleman for freelancing jobs and services. The platform will also support Senderon, Ethereum and Bitcoin as means of payment. Often OTC traders or deals require a “leap of faith” from one party or the dependance of past reputation. Senderon Escrow does its best to reduce the uncertainty with its help as an independant and unbiased middleman.

Launching December 2017