Senderon Escrow

What is Senderon Escrow?

Senderon Escrow is an automatic escrow platform which acts as a middleman for freelancing jobs and services. The platform will also support Senderon, Ethereum and Bitcoin as means of payment.

How it will work:

- Two parties will agree some sort of payment in return for a service or good.

- The “Buyer” deposits funds into Senderon Escrow.

- They write down the escrow terms and a request is sent to the “seller”

- When the “Seller” Accepts the terms the escrow is now live.

- Once the “seller” has completed the service or goods, they upload or link the finished product and mark as complete

- The buyer then has 72 hours to review the completed work and if everything is ok, the funds will be release to “Seller”

The buyer can set a duration for completion and also give time extensions. There will also be support to handle “Disputes” in which evidence will need to be provided by each party to determine the outcome.

How will it benefit users?

Often OTC traders or deals require a “leap of faith” from one party or the dependence of past reputation. Senderon Escrow does its best to reduce the uncertainty with its help as an independent and unbiased middleman. The platform will be secure and provide a straightforward and easy to understand UI which will make any deals made go smoothly and with comfort to both parties.


Development Overview

Hiring of Moderators - Now

We are looking to hire 2 Moderators to assist with reviewing any disputed cases. The task won’t be hugely time demanding however they would need to be avaliable to access the site at most times during the day. They will recieve 2500 SDRN per disputed case dealt with.

Launch of Senderon Escrow platform - End of November

Partial fund releases at project milestones - Mid December

Promotional Drive - January


Cost of Development

Overall costs of the website and development path will reach about $1500 after the completion of the platform. $1500 has been paid out of the Senderon developers teams pocket and will recieve 200,000 SDRN from the development fund at the end of development completion.


Platform creation - $1500


Monetization Opportunities

Adsense - Advertisements will be placed on the website which should bring in a solid stream of income once Probr is up and running. We will make sure the Ads are not invasive to the users experience of Probr.

Escrow fee - Each transaction takes a 1% fee in the respective currency, meaning that as long as people trade, there is a steady stream of income generated by the platform which goes towards the development of Senderon.

Contact if you wish to help with development or other queries.