lekamsg.com now live!

Introducing Leka

Leka is a messaging project under the guidance of the Senderon team as part of the community project
support initiative. Not only will it act as a regular messaging application but integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum
and Senderon wallets will allow features not available in other competitors. 

How will it benefit users?

The 2 main areas in which Leka will benefit users are as follows:

1) Allowing SMS messages through cryptocurrency micropayments

The internet often eliminates the need for SMS these days but for times without an internet
connection, SMS reigns supreme. This method allows for people to be “carrier free” in which
they send messages as they need to without the need of a contract or SIM card. All that would
be required is the App or use of the website.

2) Allowing the transacting of cryptocurrency internationally and with ease

The Leka App will make it possible to send cryptocurrency to users ease. This is especially useful
 for international transfers as low transaction fees and near instant transactions (predominantly
via ETH and SDRN) are far superior to banks and the multiple fees that can be accumulated with
cross-border payments.

Development overview

Leka website - Complete

This will allow users to send SMS’s with bitcoin payments. The main task in this phase was building
the backend which will be critical to future implementations of Leka accross platforms. It will also
 allow users to try and test out the service and provide feedback for future improvement.

Leka Android App UI preview - Complete

UI previews will be presented to allow user feedback on potential improvements, market research
 will be carried out to help us beat similar rivals

Senderon Integration (along with Ethereum) - 2-4 weeks

Senderon will be integrated into the system to allow SMS’s to be sent with small SDRN payments. 
Due to being on the Ethereum network it means that Ethereum will also be a supported currency.

Senderon Android App - 4-8 weeks

Android app will be released in beta for the Senderon community to use, further tweaks will be
carried out before full release.

Evaluation and project roadmap - 10 weeks

After rolling out Version 1, time will be taken to review the app and process and identify future
opportunities for growth and service improvement.

Cost of Development

The Leka project overall will cost Senderon $3000 to roll out version 1. Due to being one of the
first projects and difficulty establishing the value of the SDRN token, it has been paid out of
developers pocket. 300,000 SDRN have been earmarked from the development fund at a rate
of 100 satoshis to be released to SDRN team after completion of V1 as compensation.

Website and SMS backend: $250
Android App: $1500
Graphics: $200
Infrastructure support: $500
Promotional activities: $500

Monetization Opportunies

Due to the competitive nature of SMS’s there will be little to no opportunity to monetize the
actual sending of SMS’s. However we are looking into packages for other cryptocurrencies to
be included in the app for a fee. All profits from this will go towards future project funding.

Contact devteam@senderon.org if you wish to help with development or other queries.[/center]