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What is Probr?

Probr is an ICO reviewing platform designed to provide unbiased and pragmatic
reviews on upcoming ICO’s in the cryptocurrency community. It will act as a useful
additional tool to add to the every day investors arsenal when sifting through and
assessing thier investment option.

How will it benefit users?

Probr assesses an ICO in 4 areas: Coin/Token parametres, ICO procedure, 
Business/technology Model and Personnell running the project. Each area is assessed
to reduce the risk of scams and for the optimal conditions for an investor. Reputable
team members, Fair distribution opportunity, controlled ICO sale amounts and sound
business models and technology are the main criterias our reports provide information on.

The criteria can be found here:

Development Overview

Recruitment of writers - Now

We currently have the minimal personnell to run and operate the website, however it
doesn’t hurt to bolster our writing power ranks. A small session on how to carry out
 the review and upload it to the site will be given and $10 per ICO review + 5000 SDRN
(Once up to speed a review should take less than 2 hours to complete.) A maximum of
10 reviews can be carried out by each writer each week. 

Send the following information to
Cryptocurrency and Writing experience
Estimated reviews per week

Full launch of website - 1 week

Currently the website is live, however no content has been released. After that, Reports will be published every week.

Integrating Probr into other websites - 1-4 weeks

We will be working to increase the exposure of the platform by contacting websites
such as coinmarketcap to include a link to reports of ICO’s on the information page
for that token. It should create an increased interest in Probr and also hopefully encourage
future ICO’s to tighten up thier projects to score highly on our report.

ICO fund tracking - 8+ weeks

Something we are hoping to create is easily accessible information on where the Funds of
ICO’s go. Typically, ICO’s provide very little transparency on where thier funds go and what
they are spent on. Probr aims to create simple-to-use tracking information on ICO’s so that
its community and investors can be aware of its activities and enquire about certain spending
habits. Our goal with this is to encourage projects to eventually disclose information without
the community having to ask. We welcome any project to reach out and work on providing
disclosure for thier project.

Cost of Development

Overall costs of the website and development path will reach about $2500 after implementing
our fund tracking feature, however the cost of hiring writers will be an ongoing cost. We are
 hoping to put out at least 5 reviews a week which would result in a maintenance cost of $2600. 
$2500 will paid out of the Senderon developers teams pocket and will recieve 200,000 SDRN
from the development fund at the end of development completion. They will also fund writes
wages however we are hoping to offset this against monetisation opportunities.

Website creation - $250
Promotion - $250
Fund tracking tool - $2000

Monetization Opportunities

Adsense - Advertisements will be placed on the website which should bring in a solid stream
of income once Probr is up and running. We will make sure the Ads are not invasive to the
users experience of Probr.

Priority reviewing - We are hoping that eventually the review becomes “industry standard” and
ICO’s feel the need to acquire one ASAP. When Probr is established, we will introduce a priority
option as we may not be able to review all upcoming ICO’s if there is a large quantity.

Contact if you wish to help with development or other queries.