What is Senderon?

Senderon is a token focused on creating and supporting business opportunities and projects in and around the cryptocurrency world. Whether it be an already-existing projects or a basic idea in its early conception, Senderon welcomes any opportunity to assist and be involved.

Senderon will accomplish this in a number of ways (see the Strategies section) but the core ideal of Senderon is this: to be involved in as many quality crypto projects as possible and to be able to fund the next up and coming in the cryptocurrency space.

We also welcome others to use our platform for similar purposes. We hope that, with time and as our user base begins to grow, the platform becomes a hub for the next generation of successful cryptocurrency applications.

Anti-Inflation Measures

The Senderon supply is capped at 50m with no further tokens ever to be created combating inflation and helping to stabilise value.

Ethereum Token

Senderon is an ERC20 token, the latest standard for Ethereum tokens meaning Senderon is Safe, Secure and Speedy.


Fast Transactions

As Senderon is based on the Ethereum network, transactions are fast, regular and low costing.

The Senderon Community is an integral part in the success and development of Senderon.

One of our main focuses is working with our community to create tools and applications they want. Our Development fund is available to the community to use - all they have to do is Submit a project.

We will be regularly asking for the community's opinion in the way of polls, forums and meetings to finetune our direction to deliver on Senderon's success and needs.

The real winners in the Senderon community will be the project creators as our range of resources, support and audience will give projects a boost regardless of what stage of development they are in.

Keep an eye out for exclusive offers and giveaways from us and our partners and opportunities to help try out new products and platforms.

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