Contract Details:

Contract Address: 0x73B534fb6F07381a29a60B01eed5ae57D4EE24D7
Symbol: SDRN
Decimals: 18

What is Senderon?

Senderon is a token focused on creating and supporting business opportunities and projects in and around the cryptocurrency world. Whether it be an already-existing projects or a basic idea in its early conception, Senderon welcomes any opportunity to assist and be involved.

Senderon will accomplish this in a number of ways (see the Strategies section) but the core ideal of Senderon is this: to be involved in as many quality crypto projects as possible and to be able to fund the next up and coming.

We also welcome others to use our platform for similar purposes. We hope that, with time and as our user base begins to grow, the platform becomes a hub for the next generation of successful cryptocurrency applications.


- ERC20 token

- Based on the Ethereum network

- 46,300,000 SDRN’s maximum supply

- Fast transactions


80% (40,000,000) SDRN Airdrop - 40,000 SDRN for 1,000 participants (4.7m SDRN burned)

20% (10,000,000) SDRN Development Fund

Economic principle

Senderon’s value depends on the creation of products and applications (or which include SDRN) in the ecosystem ie. the more activites Senderon can be used for, the more value it gains. It is necessary for an active and productive userbase for the prosperity of all.

The airdrop model solves both of these requirements by creating an initial userbase and incentivising people to add value to thier airdropped coins. It should increase the value of the development fund, which will allow more opportunity for less tokens.

While this model seems to be a straightforward and essentially a “win-win” for both the userbase and development team, there is risk that if development is slow then the amount and value in the development fund will dwindle and potentially leave the coin stagnant.

Those who will prosper the most in the Senderon economy are those that secure payment or funding for development early on with the foresight that the tokens value will increase over time.


Support Strategies

Projects and proposals of all kinds are welcome and we can offer our assistance in the following ways:

- Funding for development

- Supplying of tools and/or resources

- Increasing userbase and exposure through Senderon community

- Offering consultancy

In doing so, we will require one or more of these in return if applicable to the project:

- A share of revenue

- Use of Senderon as a payment method

- Senderon to be a featured currency

- A “supported by Senderon” icon/message in product

Strategies and resources avaliable will depend on what the proposal is, its current progress and the risk/reward for both parties.



While Senderon will be actively supporting other projects, there are key targets that we would like to achieve personally. These are generally larger goals which will each take at least a few months to complete and execute.


Project marketplace

As our network becomes a hub for ideas and implementation, We need to be able to provide a secure and reliable platform our users can depend on.

Our initial platform will be web-based however development of a decentralised network platform will begin later once resources and funds allow it. V1 work will begin 1 month after launch as we need time to establish the groundwork on the project. Beta release will be open to community members to test out the platform ideally within the next 2 months after. Work on the decentralised version will begin January 2018 with a timescale allocation of 6-9 months.

There will be essentially 2 user experiences on the platform which will be interchangeable depending on the requirements of the user. The first is for the regular userbase and a second for project creators. Upon the sign up of users, questions will be asked to determine relevant projects they are most likely to want to participate in to customise user experience. Projects will be categorised into specialised areas so that those with the relevant skillset can find similar projects easily.

There will be opportunities for those creating projects to gain priority exposure through the payment of Senderons to the platform and for those applying to projects to gain priority review through payment of Senderons.

There also plans to develop a project creation suite to guide those with initial ideas to a fully formed concept. There will also be options to apply for funding and support from the Senderon Team.  


Self Sustainability

It’s vital that we ensure sources of income to keep the development fund in a healthy and sustainable condition. We want to avoid crowdfunding and ICO’s for the project as we believe that the current climate of ICO’s are counter-productive for real development. If a project is original and worthwhile, it will always find a way to grow and expand.

Senderon will be constantly looking for opportunities to create business and replenish the development fund. We will be creating a number of applications to generate revenue which will include:

- Escrow Services

We will be offering escrow services for all needs whether it be for transactions or long term holds. Regardless, there will be a flat 1.5% fee in the transactions currency which will be sold and used to purchase Senderon and sent to the development fund.

- Website revenue

Senderon will overtime accumulate a few websites related to the project and other ventures. They will be optimised to generate income either via sponsored messages or Adsense revenue. These will be done with consideration of the user and won’t infringe on the exeprience or content.

We will also be posting Senderon referral links to cryptocurrency exchanges and products and would encourage the community to share and to use them to signup if they use or plan on using the service. It’s an effortless way to contribute to the project and brings in a potential stream of revenue which will go towards further development of the token.

- Other Ventures

The team will be actively searching for other potential ventures to get involved with. We will be initiating a “finders fee” program for interesting projects and a “commission fee” if a deal is successful for the community to participate in. The finders fee will be 10,000 SDRN for projects brought to us which we wish to take forward (please note: some projects may be rejected if not deemed suitable). The commission fee will be up to 25,000 (min. 10,000) SDRN depending on the size of the deal.


ICO Safety

In the current cryptocurrency economy, ICO’s are a huge business with limited regulation. Granted there are now guidelines from the SEC however these don’t necessarily protect investors from a poorly run enterprise or a scam which goes off the books.

We hope to do our bit to safegaurd the community from malicious ICO’s and would like to do a few things in our power to help:

- Provide analytics on ICO’s

We will be developing tools to track development funds for projects and welcome the development teams to work with us to communicate thier efforts to investors. Even if development teams do not take us up on the offer, it should create more consideration into the transparency of each development fund.

- ICO Audit

We will be developing a reviewing structure for upcoming ICO’s which take into account the following:

- Team (Experience, past projects, verifiable)

- Business plan (Viablity, Risks, Practicalities)

- Service Audit (support, platform security, coin/token specifications)